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How to Identify Uncertainties and Risks in Product Development

How to Identify Uncertainties and Risks in Product Development Risk assessment for a major new product development initiative is very hard to do well. There are several reasons for this: New product development means doing something new. Whether it be new markets, new technologies or new business models, inevitably, the team will be unable to […]

Top 12 Product Development Risks

top product development risks

Based on our National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM I-Corp research*, these are the top 12 product development risks companies identified (not in any particular order). Risks areas include: Disruptive new technologies on the horizon that could drive down demand or render the product obsolete. Launching a product in new countries; strict legal requirements making it […]

9 Common Product Development Problems

As product development consultants, we have experienced the following problems listed below.  They may seem overwhelming but they can be solved! 1) Nobody within your organization expects a new product to be launched on time We have worked across organizations, that have meager expectations regarding a product being delivered on-time. But when everyone knows to […]

How are you building adaptability into your product development process?

adaptable product development

A Harvard Business Review issue (May-June 2018), was devoted to the importance of creating a flexible and adaptable organization. This is supported by the 2013 Comparative Performance Assessment Study conducted by the PDMA Research Foundation. The study states, “The use of formal, structured processes may have reached its potential and companies are now testing the […]

Roadshow to Demo Product Risk Framework Software Tool

First stop of a roadshow starting with the Wright Brothers Institute – Innovation runway for the Air Force Research Lab in Dayton, OH. The Product Risk Framework team with  Pinaki Saha, EIR and co-founders, Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey.  Next week, the roadshow continues in the great state of Californa… we will be visiting aerospace/defense contractors, […]