Heading into Beta with the Product Risk Framework Business Intelligence SW Tool

business fit framework - business intelligence software

The Product Risk Framework® (BFF) is a business intelligence software tool for making better product development decisions. The BFF moves into beta testing this week.

Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey of Strategy 2 Market received a National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM I-Corp grant through the University of Chicago in 2018 for the BFF. A requirement of the NSF grant was to understand how companies currently manage uncertainty and risk in product development.

The BFF software was designed with the input of at least 55 innovation leaders and end-users across different disciplines, ranks and industries. With a further 45 interviews, Mary and Kathy are working towards a total of 100 innovation leader discussions on the topic of product development uncertainty and risk.

The BFF is a unified software platform that enables companies to de-risk and successfully develop innovative products. It is founded on behavioral economic principles that improve team decision-making. Predictive Analytics/Artificial Intelligence is also incorporated into the tool to help product development teams make better product decisions.

To learn more about the Product Risk Framework, contact Mary Drotar.